CrowdCent Curation - No. 35

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 35

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

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Finance blockchain technology

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

TranslationIdeas without execution are useless. We need to start building and stop pontificating. In the US in particular, many industries are built up purely around “advice” (finance, consulting, etc.). We gutted all of the industries that build ‘things’ and sent them overseas. We realized how fragile our supply chains were during COVID, and how reliant we were on the rest of the world. Now is the time to build.


  • Sec. of Treasury Janet Yellen - Tweet Thread [Tweet]

    • Recap: Ahead of the IMF/World Bank meetings, Yellen went on a tweet storm. She highlighted a multitude of issues - from climate change, to inequality, to global tax rates. And she likened today as a 'Bretton Woods' moment... with the US and the world needing to act fast/in size, because 'what we do in the coming months will have profound impacts on the trajectory of the global economic order.'

    • Comment: We've been saying this is a critical juncture in economics/politics/society, and Yellen just openly acknowledged it. We are going through the 4th TurningFiscal Policy has taken over from Monetary. Expect some significant changes (and a lot of money printing) in the coming months and years ahead. Inequality and Climate Change are now front and center issues.


  • Reddit vs Wallstreet - GameStop, The Movie [Video]

    • Recap: Useful quick (~30 mins) video that recaps the Reddit vs. Wallstreet 'battle' in January. It delves into some of the details behind the scenes, explaining in easy-to-understand language.. and highlights some of the underlying issues/changes/events that led to the fairly epic January 'squeeze' that showed the fragility of the financial system.

    • Comment: We've talked about the power of communities in the past, and we think finance is ripe for disruption - particularly when you pair community + technology (ML/NLP) + blockchain. And we’ve already seen traction on the data scientist side - check out Numerai (recently raised $5M from Pantera).  Blockchain as a technology helps solve many of the issues presented in this video -- it removes rent-seeking middlemen, but it must be designed properly and with the right incentives.


  • Machine Learning and Investing Conversation with CrowdCent CEO Jason Rosenfeld [Video]

    • Recap: Conversation with Divya (Founder and CEO of SumZero) and Jason (Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdCent). Jason delves into an array of topics - from how machine learning is used in finance, to the exponentially rising power of natural language processing. He then delves into how CrowdCent is using those technologies (ML/NLP) to derive actionable insights from communities like SumZero - a quantitative filter (technology) on top of qualitative rigor (well-researched ideas). The CC model reads through write-ups (NLP), gathers fundamental data (quantitative pipeline), ensembles the ML models into a meta-model, and spits out a result. The net output? The creation of equity baskets that have significantly outperformed the market.

    • Comment: If you want to learn more about the CrowdCent/SumZero partnership and/or what CrowdCent is doing with ML models on communitiesshoot us an email and we'll send you over the whitepaper that goes into more detail.

CrowdCent Thoughts & Predictions

  • Check out the thoughts & predictions tracking update here, along with the original post (6/7/2020) - original here… these posts lay out thoughts around key market related components for 2021+

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