The wisdom of the crowd meets artificial intelligence

We are building the next generation of investing: decentralized, systematized, and democratized.

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Crowdsourced investment ideas

Utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, we transform community ideas and insights into actionable investment portfolios. We make complex, unstructured data simple and investable.

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A new kind of investment fund

Your ideas, our technology — together, creating a robust portfolio powered by collective intelligence. Help us build the future of investment funds.

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How it works

Share your thoroughly-researched investment ideas across our network, including partner investment communities. Our AI portfolio manager evaluates these ideas, directing capital towards the model's favorite opportunities. Monitor your ideas' performance and receive feedback from both our community and AI systems

A diagram that describes how the CrowdCent platform works.

Let's build something together.

We’re changing the way hedge funds operate by removing artificial barriers to entry, increasing performance accountability, and incentivizing knowledge sharing and collaboration. Join us on our mission to disrupt the status quo.

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