Value investing meets artificial intelligence

Add machine learning to your investment toolkit. Post new ideas, track their performance, and get instant feedback from the CrowdCent AI and community.

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Crowdsourced investment ideas

Collaborate with savvy investors to find and share high quality investment ideas. Anyone with a good investment idea can become a hedge fund analyst. No connections or resources required.

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A new kind of investment fund

Decentralized, democratized, and systematized. Your ideas power our hedge fund. Our AI portfolio manager will allocate capital to the best opportunities. Help us build the future of investment funds together.

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How it works

Post your well-researched investment ideas on our forum. Our AI portfolio manager will score your ideas and allocate capital to the best opportunities. Track the performance of your ideas and get community and AI feedback.

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We’re changing the way hedge funds operate by removing artificial barriers to entry, increasing performance accountability, and incentivizing knowledge sharing and collaboration. Join us on our mission to disrupt the status quo.

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