Crowdsourced Investment Management

Crowdsourcing Investment Ideas, Systematizing Valuation, Aligning Incentives
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Investment Process

Fundamental Valuation

We crowdsource equity investment ideas from a group of decentralized users. Users post detailed write-ups and our NLP models learn representations of successful investment theses.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models employ various financial and valuation metrics in order to evaluate the underlying value of each company. We use these models to learn traditional value investing heuristics and to discover new theories about long-term investment processes.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Users in the community provide responses and votes to each write-up. Models weigh in user opinion, behavior, and credibility to make predictions from the wisdom of the crowd. Users should be compensated for their contributions.

“Use machine learning to take data and do something that is better than what the humans are doing. Take human crowdsourced data and compute something new.”

Eric Schmidt

We build pipelines to transform online investment communities and unstructured language data into actionable, investable equity portfolios

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Crowdcent is building the next generation of investment funds: decenteralized and distributed

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