CrowdCent Curation - No. 33

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 33

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Enjoy the content below and be sure to explore the growing site content & features:

“If not now, when?” Hillel the Elder

Translation: Act now. No better day to learn, change, etc. than today.


  • Luke Gromen (Dollar Crash, Fed’s Only Choice Is Brrrrrrr, China’s CBDC, Stock Crack Up BOOM!) [Video]

    • Recap: Great interview with Luke Gromen, with a focus on the current macro backdrop and the fragility of the Eurodollar (Petrodollar) system. Notably how China has leveraged the system to its advantage - China borrows US dollars (at lower and lower interest rates) in the Euro market, then lends those dollars out to the weaker (but growing) emerging markets with hard asset collateral .. when the US dollar strengthens too much, the weaker emerging markets begin to default .. and China gets the collateral (what they wanted) and increases their geopolitical power and economic clout.

    • Comment: The always thoughtful Luke Gromen (from Cleveland, Ryan's hometown) breaks down how the Fed is now between a rock and a hard place. The US has been playing checkers, while China is playing chess. And now we have a setup where China has effectively used the US dollar system to LBO key parts of the world and increase it's clout... It is going to be an eventful next few years.


  • Building The Last Hedge Fund — Introducing Numerai Signals [Article]

    • Recap: Bringing this article back (original here), given its importance + recent developments.

    • Comment

      • Numerai launched in 2015 (master plan), and Numerai Signals launched in Oct 2020 - with the broader vision of managing all of the world’s money. Simplistically, Numerai allows any data scientist to submit market signals/models, and get compensated for unique contributions/alpha.

      • CrowdCent launched in early 2020 (vision) - with the broader vision of decentralizing and democratizing investment management. We’ve contributed to Numerai Signals (weekly roundtable), and recently announced we’ve teamed up with SumZero (here), the world’s largest investment community. Simplistically, CrowdCent is looking to help enable any fundamental investor (non data scientist) to submit investment ideas, and get compensated for alpha.

      • The combination is powerful. Numerai + CrowdCent = the world's last hedge fund...


  • The Web’s Missing Interoperability [Article]

    • Recap: Ben Thompson delves into the issues plaguing the Internet, how they came about, and how the structure is starting to transform(notably with embedded payments).

    • Comment: From the 'original sin' of not integrating payments into the Internet (hence rise of the ad model), to the current rise of Web 3.0 to NFTs - this all comes full circle in terms of tying labor and capital together. Users should be compensated for data/contentCentralized platforms shouldn’t have outsized value capture and/or control. These are the key issues being solved for… Decentralization is the future.

CrowdCent Thoughts & Predictions

  • Check out the thoughts & predictions tracking update here, along with the original post (6/7/2020) - original here… these posts lay out thoughts around key market related components for 2021+

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