CrowdCent Curation - No. 30

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 30

C CrowdCent · Posted 07/28/2022

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

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“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.” Chinese Proverb

Translation: Always be moving forward - from education, to business, to personal life. It’s OK to move slow - take one deliberate step at a time. Time is your most valuable resource - don’t waste it; use it wisely.


  • Interest Rate Effects on Equities: Valuation Impacts [Article]

    • Recap: Useful article that breaks down the impact of interest rates on valuations (particularly for equities)

    • Comment: Many look at valuations as absolute (‘that's expensive / that's cheap’). But really, we should all be looking at valuations RELATIVE to alternatives - the most important input/alternative being interest rates. Right now, the most expensive thing out there are US Treasuries - they are artificially inflated (in price) because the Fed is suppressing interest rates. Effectively, the cost of money is being manipulated - so of course things have gotten a bit crazy... but they can get crazier if we are trying to inflate our way out of this

      ERP and Forward Returns



  • Crypto Startup School [Videos]

    • Recap: Trying to learn more about the basics of blockchain and crypto? Check out this series of a16z-created videos

    • CommentEducation is step one. We are confident blockchain is a massive new technology that will shape the future, it's certainly worth it to understand the basics. The team at a16z has put together a very useful compilation of videos that will help get you up to speed


  • Big Ideas Report 2021 [Slides]

    • Recap: Cathie Wood & the ARK team break down big, disruptive tech trends in 2021 and beyond

    • Comment: ARK has done an incredible job of building out the 'best practices' for active ETFs - from transparent holdings/trades, to podcasts and presentations, they have a clear focus on education and innovation. This slide deck is worth flipping through - delving into deep learning, Bitcoin, automation, and more... we agree with many of the big trends the team has pointed to

CrowdCent Thoughts & Predictions

  • Check out the thoughts & predictions tracking update here, along with the original post (6/7/2020) - original here… these posts lay out thoughts around key market related components for 2021+

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Look forward to more updates soon - the future is here...


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