CrowdCent Curation - No. 21

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 21

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Want to learn 3 things in 30 minutes? Check out the curated content below. Share with 2 friends, and get early + free access to the updated CrowdCent Analyzer (coming soon…)

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“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” Heraclitus

Translation: The world is constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to filter through all the noise. Focus matters; always be evolving and adapting.


  • Financial Crises & Asset Bubbles [Video]

    • Recap: In this 10 min video, Galloway highlights the hallmarks of bubble formation - easy money, poor regulation, broad view the market only goes up (Davey Day Trader?). We have all of those today. We had all of those in 1999/2000, and Scott highlights a couple of useful examples then vs. now. Certainly many parallels, but remember we're in 2020, not 2000.

    • CommentHistory may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Galloway does a good job putting the current situation into perspective, and we tend to agree - we're past at least the initial growth blow-off; rotation underneath appears likely. What everyone MUST remember is the denominator - if the US dollar depreciates, things priced in it can go up.. If you want a great, longer term historical perspective on how human nature hasn't changed - check this book out.


  • Software is Eating the Markets [Article]

    • Recap: An interesting take on the rising prominence of investment as a social consumer good - with everyone stuck at home and interest rates at 0, consumers have shifted dollars toward investment (from equities, to crypto, to Pokemon cards).

    • Comment: Definitely worth the 5-10 minute read - this article highlights some of the reasons we are seeing skyrocketing prices for Beanie babies and Pokemon cards. Further, we do think social investing has legs - communities built around investments and ideas. And we think the next logical step to democratizing a lot of this is asset tokenization - putting assets on the blockchain.


  • A Quarter Century of Hype - 25 Years of the Gartner Hype Cycle [Video]

    • Recap: Check out this unique video that breaks down the hype / innovation cycle, and walks through 25 years of the Gartner Cycle - from AR/VR to autonomous driving.

    • Comment: Tech innovation and adoption is not just simply a question of tech feasibility (for example, we have the tech today to autonomously drive a vehicle), but also consumer acceptance and commercialization (among other things). This short video nicely breaks down cycles over time... human nature is persistent.

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