CrowdCent Curation - No. 20

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 20

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

Check out the great content below and have a great weekend! Change is coming, be prepared...

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Leon C. Megginson

Translation: With roots in Darwin’s survival of the fittest / natural selection, this quote builds further on the base theory and highlights the need for a species to continue to evolve and adapt based on the environment. We are currently at a key inflection point in history, there will be change be prepared and help make the change positive


  • Mike Taylor: "Buckle Up! The Wild Road Ahead For Financial Markets" [Video]

    • Recap: Another great interview at the Hedgeye investment summit. Mike is a tenured, knowledgeable practitioner in the industry with a long history of success - his advice is worth listening to.

    • Comment: Some useful nuggets in this one. We have several uncertainties out there right now (election, vaccine, stimulus) that are likely to be resolved in the coming months - that will dramatically shift the investment landscape (what works / what doesn't).


  • Central Bank Digital Currencies Are All The Rage Right Now [Audio]

    • Recap: This short and sweet post highlights the need for the US to shift to a digital currency. The US is behind, but there's no turning back - the process has started.

    • Comment: We've built CrowdCent with blockchain as one of our core focal points for a reason - it is technology that will lay the foundation to propel us into the future. We've seen the private sector start to embrace it, but now we're finally starting to see governments make a move - China is leading, the US needs to act.



    • Recap: Tying in to the post above about central bank digital currencies, this short video brings together a lot of recent news and relevant concepts together - from the limits of our current monetary system, to the crises that created and killed it. Ultimately concluding that Bitcoin will be a critical component in the new digital/crypto system going forward.

    • Comment: This post bridges technology and blockchain, and we thought it fit nicely with the backdrop set above (Central Bank Digital Currency). We need a new system that aligns incentives - we've written about this before - and blockchain/crypto is the foundation.

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