CrowdCent Curation - No. 18

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

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Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 18

R ryan · Posted 12/06/2020

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

A lot of things are changing, at an accelerating rate. It’s difficult to keep up, and even more difficult to parse through the rise in noise.

It’s clearer every day that the legacy media outlets have stopped reporting facts, and shifted toward pure sensationalism (clickbait...that’s how they get paid). And in their place, there’s been a rise of thoughtful, direct-to-consumer educators, from Hedgeye to Real Vision - creative destruction in motion. But there’s a lot to get through…

We’re here to help curate this next generation of content - helping you distinguish signal from noise, and focus on the most important topics from the best creators within finance, blockchain, and technology…

There’s a better way - join the revolution

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“Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it is the key to that era.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Translation: Change has to start somewhere. Thoughts turn into plans turn into actions - things happen slowly, then all at once. The current revolution has been building since ~1970, and we’ve reached a tipping point - economically, politically, socially, demographically… it’s time to shape this new era in a positive light.


  • September 2020 Newsletter: The Fiscal Dance [Article]

    • Recap: Great recap report on markets over the last twelve months, decomposing the components of the economic machine, and ultimately helping explain why different assets moved the way they did. Outlook highlights the highest probability moves based on the elements in place.

    • Comment: Lyn cuts to the core of what matters with clear facts and figures underlying explanations and predictions. The main thing that matters right now - fiscal stimulus… it gets passed, risk on; if not, risk off.


  • Crypto Networks and Why They Matter [Video]

    • Recap: a16z is a particularly forward-looking place, and their Crypto Startup School is a great example of the "build" mentality. This first video in a longer series is a great intro to the crypto space, the transformative implications of its technology, and the potential for crypto networks to lead a new wave of innovation.

    • CommentChris Dixon is a thought leader in the crypto space, and few explain the basics and the opportunity in easy-to-understand terms better than him. As you well know, we highly recommend learning more about blockchain - it's time to build.


  • Unleash the Mouse [Article]

    • Recap: Galloway's short post here highlights the power of owning the consumer + bundling. Most customers don't want endless choices; they want to be presented with simple, high value options and be confident in the selection.

    • Comment: This piece provides a useful glimpse into how smart strategy translates into significant value creation - we've seen it exemplified with Apple, and now Disney has a chance. Always make sure to understand the value chain components - content + distribution.

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