CrowdCent Curation - No. 1

R ryan · Posted 05/17/2020

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - No. 1

R ryan · Posted 05/17/2020

Post Quality

Finance blockchain technology

We all get too many emails. This ones for the content, not the preamble. Check out the videos/articles/audio below…

*“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” *- Mark Twain

Translation: Check your blind spots, question your assumptions… particularly the ones that feel ‘comfortable.’


  • Systemic Risk: A Day of Reckoning Coming? [Video]

    • Recap: Thought-provoking video interview between Ben Hunt (Epsilon Theory) and Keith McCullough (Hedgeye) that helps put current events in historical context, and outline the likely path forward

    • Comment: Hunt is a bit sensationalist, but he offers a unique perspective on the power of narratives shaping the world today. Real call to the need for *leadership *in the millennial generation

  • Quantitative Easing Is The Ultimate Drug And America Is Addicted To Getting High [Audio/Article]

    • Recap: Simple and useful recap of the recent and ongoing fiscal stimulus

    • Comment: Highlights that MMT is here to stay (just as QE from 2008 is still here/expanded). Further, reiterates the point to always understand incentives - current politicians (in general) are old, want to get re-elected, and are very short-term focused (not focused on future generations/implications)

  • The Crisis of a Lifetime [Article]

    • Recap: Q&A with George Soros on why this is the biggest crisis of his lifetime (and he's pretty old..)

    • Comment: Legendary investor; worth the quick read. We've highlighted in the past how the global economy was extremely late cycle coming into 2020 (in fact, US economy peaked 3Q18), and COVID-19 simply provided the ‘shock’ to an over-levered system


  • Reddit's big cryptocurrency move is an exciting test [Article]

    • Recap: Reddit unveils two cryptocurrencies based around community engagement. It's an important test of integrating cryptocurrency into a mainstream app

    • Comment: This is the future of the Internet. It will take time, but there will be a big shift away from sensationalist clickbait, annoying ads, and/or cookie tracking. CrowdCent will be building in features over the coming months to allow users to be compensated for their contributions (ideas, post, comments, etc.), and this Reddit is a good example of a beta


  • The State of the Self-Driving Car Race 2020 [Article]

    • Recap: Update on the autonomous vehicle landscape and opportunity

    • Comment: Potentially the biggest technological revolution ($10 trillion) of our lifetime, yet the media has largely ignored it since the Uber crash (2018). Tech continues to progress (Waymo the leader), and adoption likely accelerates post COVID-19

    Thoughts, comments, additional things to share? Throw ‘em in the thread and/or Telegram… and feel free to share this with others.


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