CrowdCent Curation - Intro

R ryan · Posted 05/13/2020

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Finance introduction blockchain technology

CrowdCent Curation - Intro

R ryan · Posted 05/13/2020

Post Quality

Finance introduction blockchain technology

Welcome to CrowdCent Curation, a weekly newsletter of high quality (curated) content - spanning our three main overlapping areas of focus: Finance, Blockchain, and Technology.

In times of crisis, in particular, people scramble to look for experts with the answer. There’s a lot of biased noise *out there given the misaligned media incentive structure. But there’s also a lot of thoughtful commentary and analysis - we’re here to help you both *find *it, and, maybe more importantly, openly *discuss **it.

Passively reading, listening, and/or watching is one thing. Engaging in an open and honest active discussion is another. It’s how we all learn and progress, and frankly, there isn’t enough of it. Within each email, we link to the relevant forum thread, as well as our Telegram channel - so we all can easily discuss, debate, and share thoughts on each topic. No one wants just to be talked at, and even experts should be questioned.

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And of course, we are here to build a community - feel free to post your own discussion topics (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.), questions (e.g. thoughts on NYC real estate?), and resources (tools, books, etc.), on the forums.

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*“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” *- George Bernard Shaw


  • Bonds Beat Stocks Over the Last 20 Years [Text]

    • Recap: Bonds have materially outperformed stocks over the past 20 years

    • Comment: Media loves to promote stocks, but the best investors look at risk-adj. returns *across *assets

  • Is (Systematic) Value Investing Dead? [Text]

    • Recap: AQR argues systematic value investing is not dead, but ready to inflect

    • Comment: Always remember the source/incentives; the research itself is thought provoking

  • Grant Williams: "A COVID-19 Crisis Roadmap" [Video]

    • Recap: Insightful conversation about Markets, Fed/Treasury, 4th Turning, the Media, and more

    • Comment: Grant is thoughtful and helps put recent events into perspective; notably around media, highlighting the *need *for a forum to enable intelligent discussion (our goal…)


  • Global Crisis Meets Macro & The Future of Crypto [Video]

    • Recap: Discussion around macro environment and the future of cryptocurrencies / blockchain ecosystems

    • Comment: Current macro environment, and fiscal response likely accelerates the shift toward digital currencies and the growth of blockchain ecosystems; Dan is a thought leader in the space

  • 6 Blockchain Takeaways from Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020 [Text]

    • Recap: Main takeaways from recent summit, including the future of Ethereum, dapp development, enterprise adoption, DeFi, and more

    • Comment: Blockchain ecosystem developments are accelerating given the tech progression and now increased interest; incentive alignment is critical (key focus of CrowdCent)


  • COVID and cascading collapses [Text]

    • Recap: Crises tend to accelerate underlying technological disruptions

    • Comment: Ben puts past transitions and crises into broader historical context; logically it makes sense we'd see accelerated change (foots w/ 4th Turning view)

  • Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulders of giants [Text]

    • Recap: Slide deck laying out where Tech is today, and where it's likely going

    • Comment: This piece fits nicely with Ben's more recent article (COVID, above), providing a big picture backdrop on Tech and the world pre-crisis

    We’ll keep the emails short. And look forward to the conversations.


    Jason & Ryan

    Website: CrowdCent

    Twitter: @CrowdCent

    Telegram: Link

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