GPT-3 TL;DR: "VRSN is the only pure-play .com and .net domain name regulator and gets paid to manage the most valuable internet assets, which are in high demand post-COVID, and are mandated by ICANN to periodically increase prices (which is happening in October of 2019). There is zero competitive pressure on this business and VRSN is the only game in town. Free cash flow should grow at a 17% CAGR through 2025 and the stock is worth 30x FCF at the end of that period. Shares have been flat YTD and are underperforming the tech market, which may be due to a lack of investment appetite for regulated monopolies with ~1% growth. I think it is worth at least a 30% premium - using EQIX as a comp - and expect a ~5% to ~15% pop to my target price (~5% discount to EV/FCF, ~15% to EBITDA), which would make VRSN a $255 stock"

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