GPT-3 TL;DR: "Progyny is a niche provider of fertility-care services and benefits to a rapidly expanding fertility market. The market has been underdeveloped to date, and as the fertility market expands, Progyny is taking advantage to carve out a niche. Progyny’s focus in offering top-tier fertility services also helps to attract millennial talent. The company has historically been very profitable, with a strong latest earning report to close out Q2, and we believe the company should be able to continue expansion in the near future."

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We can open the black-box and gain some insight into how the model came to that conclusion. The decision plot shows the path of features (explanatory variables) and their effects adding up to the model’s final probability output. These are the 20 features (out of many more) that had the largest effect on the model’s output for your write-up:

*NLP and topic features are various components derived from the text of your write-up. We are not yet disclosing the details behind the components.