Posted 05/11/2020

Welcome to CrowdCent




Welcome to CrowdCent,

It's not so difficult or expensive to get the data that, up to this point, the world has failed to measure whether someone has credibility with respect to their investment recommendations. If you post an investment idea on CrowdCent’s idea forum, we'll track your performance relative to the S&P 500 and tell you what our machine learning models think of the idea.

We’re planning to use our machine learning models to take risk on the community's output, aka we’ll trade and invest around the community’s recommendations. If the experiment works, we can return profits back to the users. We intend to add monetization and compensation features to the community so that members are rewarded for their contributions commensurate with the value they provide to the community. If the experiment fails, we bear the risk. The ultimate form of CrowdCent is reached when the community can own and operate a fund on its own.

To make this community as successful as possible, we ask that all users follow a few simple guidelines to maintain their membership over time:

1) Post 2 ideas per year
2) Comment on 2 ideas or topics per year
3) Only post comments or ideas that are relevant and constructive to the discussion

One of the posts or ideas must be submitted within the first two weeks of account creation. Members who don’t follow these guidelines will lose their membership rights or be deactivated.

Your interactions with and contributions to the community are incredibly valuable. We hope to magnify that value and return it back to you in a virtuous cycle. Early adopters deserve increased attention to recognize the importance of kickstarting this conversation.

We have ambitious goals and a big vision for what CrowdCent can become over time. We’d like for you to be a part of it. We're building a community to share world class investment ideas and insights while returning value back to members. We're currently a group of value investors, equity analysts, portfolio managers, sell side researchers, data scientists, real estate investors, and we welcome anyone to join who can contribute positively to the conversation.

Always feel free to contact us at or reach out to me directly at